Hello Sunshine!


Greetings from Of Sand & Snow!  This is the first time I’ve ever managed my own blog, though I’m a longtime blog-surfer.  I remember the first blogs that resounded with me – which I consistently still read.  I’d stumbled upon them, during a time when I was planning my wedding and constantly looking for new inspiration.  After I’d exchanged marriage vows and had no more “purpose” for reading said blogs, I’d still find myself returning to the same resources.  I suppose that I did this for the same reason that anyone else follows a blog: to watch how our bloggy-heroes continue to make their homes, wardrobes, or lives just a little more beautiful.  Now, here I am…Joining the ranks of the people who have inspired me.  I do hope that I manage to breathe life into S&S, justly.

So.  Now that I have your attention and that we’re getting acquainted, here are a few things to know about my personality and the content you will continue to find here:

  • I tend to write the same way that I naturally hold a conversation.  (Literally.)  If you’re a personal friend of mine who’s reading this, you can probably hear my voice reciting these words.
  • I’ll always speak (er…write) with sincerity, passion, and good humor.
  • As long as I’m mentioning “passion”, I should tell you what I’m most passionate about and what I really stand for…  My first love has belonged to film and to television, since I was a small child.  It’s helped to shape who I am and my perception.
  • Secondly, I fiercely love exploring the world.  My schedule doesn’t permit much long-distance travel, unfortunately.  To compensate, I explore where I live.  On S&S, I plan to talk about the interesting places I have come across, with special emphasis on locations that are “unique” and “off the radar”.
  • Lastly, I love me some great design!  (All kinds: graphic, interior, the list goes on.)  I’ll often showcase how I use my personal skills to improve the home I share with my hubby.  Oh yeah – it’s our first home!

Until we meet again, tomorrow. I’ll be talking about one of the first places I fell in love with, when I moved to South Florida.


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