Revisiting Bonnet House (Part 1)

I was first introduced to the Bonnet House, sometime around 2005, when a colleague of my husband’s invited us to accompany her to a special luncheon.  The Bonnet House was the venue for the event – which was held for art educators in South Florida.  (And any guests, such as Hubby and myself.)  My ears immediately perked at the offer to attend, given that I love art education…and given that this “Bonnet House” appeared to be such a romantic and magical place. And needless to say, it was love at first sight, the first time I drove through what felt like a hidden road in the heart of Fort Lauderdale; and laid eyes on Bonnet’s enchanting grounds.

Named for the Bonnet lilies that grow on the property and built in 1920 by painter Frederic Clay Bartlett and his first wife, Helen, the oceanfront estate sits on 35 acres.  (Originally, it was purchased for a dollar an acre.  Isn’t that just crazy?!)  Today, the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It’s been a few years, since my last outing to Bonnet House; and I’ve long felt overdue for another visit. As it turns out, one of the awesome things about creating this blog is having the perfect excuse to return to my favorite places! (Whoo hoo!)

Now…I have a confession. I took a lot of pictures; and I’m afraid that this might become uninteresting, if I post too many of them at once. While I feel inclined to keep things short and sweet, I’m having a tough time eliminating any of the following images. (How else can I demonstrate the allure and whimsy of Bonnet House, without sharing it all with you?)  So, I’m going to post my first set of favorite images of the estate here – and, tomorrow, I’ll share more detailed shots of the gardens.



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