Revisiting Bonnet House (Part 2)

As happy as I was to reunite with Bonnet House, I was a bit disappointed to learn that the staff discourages taking photographs while inside of the estate.  (The only permitted photography is in areas that aren’t completely enclosed – such as around the courtyard and the grounds.)  This was a pretty small hindrance, however, as there was so much eye-candy to take in.  And I’m pretty accustomed to the “No Photography” rule-of-thumb, when visiting a museum.  So, at the first opportunity that presented itself, I quietly dipped away from my guided tour; and I lingered around the property, to take as many pictures as I wanted – at my own pace.

These were taken on the back-end of the house, where it faces the inter-coastal.  (And if you enlarge the image that’s the fourth one down from the top, you might catch a glimpse of the white and black swans that permanently live on the water there!  Just click the image twice, to enlarge it to its full size.)




After sneaking away from the rest of my group, I made my way back to the courtyard that’s in the center of the plantation-style home. It’s really beautiful there, as you can see.


If you’d like to see all of the pictures that I shot at Bonnet House, you can view the entire gallery here!


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