The House of Sand & Snow: An Introduction

It took several years of patience and hard work, for Hubby and I to reach home-ownership. Although we envisioned ourselves going the route of the “American Dream” and anticipated things being as simple as getting married, buying a house, and starting a family – we were met with a lot of bumps in the road…

Round one. Two days after returning from our honeymoon, I was laid off from the job I’d had out of college. Eventually, I found my niche with an organization and career that I really love; but it took nearly a year of unemployment-survival. After finding occupational-stability and saving up a nice little “nest-egg”, we felt ready to court the housing market again.

Round two. That was…until some devastating family circumstances unfolded; and my father, shockingly, passed away.

Round three. After dealing with these life-changing hurdles and followed by enduring what was a VERY competitive and challenging housing market… We finally found a home that had potential charisma, a location we were satisfied with, and could fit our budget. I guess that “three’s a charm” is really true, because we ended up buying the place!

So, without further ado, meet “The House of Sand & Snow”.  It’s small – Only a two-bedroom/one-bath. It’s older – Built in 1955.  Most importantly…it’s ours.  I look at it as a symbol of how far Hubby and I have come in our journey together.

Below, you’ll find a sample of the pictures I’d taken while we were closing on the house.  True, it doesn’t look fancy – and, as it was a foreclosure, the building encountered some mild neglect.  (As I look on these images and reminisce, I think it looks much worse than it really seemed in-person!)

Despite its rugged appearance, keep in mind that great things come from humble beginnings…

houseofss1houseofss2houseofss3IMAG1019PicMonkey CollageIMAG1037IMAG1038


See you next week!  I’ll talk about how we started to fix this baby up.


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