I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Yesterday, I spoke a little bit about recreating the art of your dreams when you can’t afford to buy it outright. I thought I might expand a little more on this subject, today, to share what I’ve learned about actually purchasing artwork for your home. (For all you guys and gals who save those pennies, euros, etc!)

I’ve never really been to San Francisco. I’ve never even been to California! But, I want to visit – and, badly. (San Fran, along with the rest of sunny Cali, are on my “Must See, Before Dying” list.) Though I’ve never stepped any where remotely close to San Francisco, I knew this piece from Jim Datz had to be mine. You see, I’m fascinated by the culture on America’s West Coast. Its free-loving attitude, its history…its roots in art, music, and motion pictures. (I’ll talk about my passion for film and television, some other time.) Maybe I romanticize it; but, the area seems to call my name. So, all that being said, you might be able to understand how I see this piece as something more than “just an illustration about San Francisco.” It represents the values I associate with that entire area.


So, there you have it – I’ve explained how this piece is meaningful to me. I’ve learned that, once you can establish an item’s personal value, these are the key things to consider before taking the plunge and buying any item:

  • Its Quality. (I managed to snag my print, as a first edition. The value will only increase over time; and, because it was produced in fine quality, it’s less likely to fade or deteriorate.)
  • Its Scale. (I opted to have it framed in a large frame, to serve as a statement piece. If I didn’t have the space, I wouldn’t have bought it.)
  • Its Impact. (Was I happy with the colors in the print? VERY! Because I loved the impact it made, popping against the colors of my walls.)


I think Caspian is as happy with the way things turned out, as I am!


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