I Heart Delray Beach


One of the first places I ever explored, when I made the move to Florida, was Delray Beach. About a fifteen minute drive from my residence, I first became acquainted with Delray through my college boyfriend. Our relationship didn’t last; but, my love affair with this little city by the sea certainly has.

Easily, it’s one of my utmost favorite hangouts.  It has fantastic restaurants, festivals, and historical value.  (I’m a big History buff, as you’ll realize if you keep following along.  I’m definitely one to “geek out” over things that are vintage and have a story to tell.)

On a personal level, Delray has a very special place in my heart, as it’s where my husband and I spent most of our time when we fell for each other.  (It’s also where we chose to have our wedding.)  Furthermore, outside of my main role working in television production, I do freelance theatrical work at Delray Beach Center for the Arts.  I guess you could say that the place has had quite an impact on me!

Anyways. Delray is also home to some awesome Southern architecture.  When I feel bored of curating home-improvement ideas on Pinterest, I enjoy strolling around and snapping up images of my favorite landmarks.

IMG_0328IMG_0351IMG_0355PicMonkey Collage1IMG_0332IMG_0348IMG_0341IMG_0342


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