Applying Passion: In Home & Life

Applying Passion Title

Yesterday, I spoke a bit about my spontaneous road trip to Anna Bond’s studio in Winter Park.  I admit that I’ve been a little obsessive about Rifle Paper, lately – which isn’t uncharacteristic of me, when I become passionate about something.  For me, being truly passionate involves falling head-over-heels in love with an ideal; and, in the case of Rifle’s aesthetic, this translates to loving its representation of whimsy, timelessness, class, and beauty.  Fundamentally, these are all things that I try to apply in my own life.

So – being the die-hard Rifle fanatic that I’ve become, of course I bought some goodies, upon my little pilgrimage into “The World of Ms. Bond.”  Some things I purchased out of necessity; others, out of sheer pleasure.  All-in-all, this is what I took home…and how I plan to use these items, as I apply my passion into my life and home:IMG_0894

Above: This iPhone case was bought, out of total necessity.  I ordered the iPhone 5s, on September 20th, as my sad little Android is dying.  (It’s become the technological equivalent, to being placed in hospice.)  While I’m still waiting for my new phone to arrive, I’m pleased to have this case on-hand.


Above: I’ve been thinking about keeping a diary, to measure my progress as a blogger. I’ve kept diaries, on-and-off, all of my life; and I find it useful, to reflect on a particular period of my personal history. This journal should serve me well, for this purpose.


Above: Ok. To be perfectly realistic, I didn’t need these notebooks in my life. But, I wanted them. Instead of using them for their intended purpose, I’m thinking of having them framed and hung as wall art. (They could, potentially, go in just about any room in our home.)

So, all-in-all, my trip was productive. More importantly, it makes me look forward, to my next adventure!


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