My Role in The Entertainment Industry


Since I made the decision to start this blog at the beginning of this month, I’ve been fairly quiet about a particular subject, when I’ve talked about myself. I refer to the different roles I currently play within the Entertainment Industry.

I’ve made the conscious effort to downplay this part of my life, when I write, for a few different reasons… One motivating factor is an intent to keep this – my personal blog – completely separate from my place of work. The thoughts and opinions that I’ve shared these past two weeks (and will continue to share) are mine; and mine, alone. And I don’t want this distinction to be blurred.

Another reason I haven’t talked about my entertainment experience, is from a fear that you – my reader – might become more invested in my background…and less invested in my prowess as an artist or designer.

I’m realizing that, while I still believe these are valid concerns, I really should let you guys in on this part of my life. Because, it’s a huge part of who I am; and you can’t really get to know me, if I don’t peel back this layer of myself.

So, here’s is a bit more about me – my background and what separates me from a lot of others who also write about art, design, and home décor:


By day, I work in marketing, for a media and television production company.  We produce a few different TV shows that are geared to empower women; and they’re televised on a major, American, television network.  While I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the name of my organization, the network our shows air on, or even the very identities of our shows – I’m happy to tell you that I love working in television. I’ve met all kinds of celebrities (such as Josie Bissett, above), and I continue to learn so much about this facet of the industry.


Another tidbit: Sometimes cool things happen at my office, like the time that Hulk Hogan made an unannounced visit. No, not everything about my workplace is glamorous; but, it’s not your typical business-setting, either.


In addition to the work I do in television, I also do some freelance stuff through the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach.  (I’m happy to name-drop them!  lol.)  I’ve been working with The Crest, since 2004, and I consider much of the staff almost as family.  (Above is a snapshot of me working backstage at an Everclear concert.)


Above: Some behind-the-scenes candids taken at The Crest, during a production of “Sleeping Beauty” with the Moscow Ballet on Ice.

I could tell you all kinds of stories, about the people I’ve encountered while working in theatre.  Particularly, when it comes to the national tours of shows that have passed through; and some of the Broadway personalities I’ve met.  But, that’ll have to be some other time…

For now, I’m glad to finally open up a bit more about this, and pull back the curtain…ever-so-slightly.


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