Late Nights and Bright Mornings

585760b916f2e75b3abd6437491801d6(Image Credit: Art direction, artwork and design of Foals “Holy Fire” album cover, by Leif Podhajsky)

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

I had a great weekend…Exactly what I needed, after the exhausting week I’d touched on last Friday.  On Saturday, Hubby and I had an awesome morning together, before he had to go to work.  Like myself, H works in the Entertainment Industry.  Unlike myself, his schedule fluctuates from week to week; and he usually works on weekends, while I have the time off.

After a morning of running errands with our fur-babies (Caspian and Bella), we took them to a local dog park.  Since Hubby and I don’t have any children, Cass and Bella have filled the gap…  Therefore, a trip to the dog park is truly like a “traditional” family outing.

As we drove to the park, Hubby insisted on playing his latest musical acquisition over the sound system.  “You HAVE to hear this!”, he exclaimed.  “Please, can I play this for you?”

“Sure.”, I replied, smiling at his enthusiasm.  When Hubby falls in love with something, he becomes giddy, like a kid.  (I find it endearing.)

With that, he pressed “play”.  I listened, letting the song that filled my ears to wash over me like rain.  It was beautiful and soulful…

I hope you take the time to press “play”, on the video above, so that you can have the chance to experience what I felt.

Wishing you a great morning, day, and week ahead!



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