Kick Up Your Heels, For Fashion-Investments


For a pretty long time, I’ve been wanting a pair of booties. But, not just any booties… I’ve been holding out for the perfect pair.

My criteria was simple – but, specific: quality, durability, and versatility. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cutting corners, when it comes to purchasing personal items such as clothing. However, as I’ve grown a little older, I’ve become more inclined to “invest” in items of quality. (And, while this philosophy may lead to spending a lot of cash on an item that has a less-expensive alternative, I’ve learned that you really get what you pay for. In most cases, at least!)

Anyways. Last night, my wish finally came true, when I accidentally stumbled on this pair of Frye short boots…Discounted to $100, down from around $348.  SCORE!

And they’re so comfortable, too! I can’t wait for our “Floridian Fall” weather to really start kicking in, so that I can fully enjoy them.

Here are some additional items I’d love to pair with my new acquisition, if money…truly…was no object.


  1. Pleated Lace-Stripe Silk Blouse, J.Crew
  2. Mercer Brown Leather Messenger, Ernest Alexander
  3. Collin Skinny Jeans | Stella, HUDSON  (Perhaps, my favorite jeans…EVER.)
  4. Terrarium Pendant, Yellow Owl Workshop
  5. Taylor Short Boot, Frye

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