Welcome to Beer House


We don’t get many trick-or-treaters on our doorstep, for a few reasons. For one thing, our home isn’t very far from a busy(ish) intersection. For another, there aren’t many families on our street with small children. So, on Halloween-occasions when we DO hear a knock on our door (followed by hearing three familiar words), it’s an exciting moment.

For the first time, last night, we received a few visitors who were well into adulthood. (Which I fully support – Because I, too, adore Halloween. And I’m not the sort of person who believes that Halloween festivities should be reserved for kids.) When two “matured” trick-or-treaters knocked on our door, wearing amazingly detailed “Día de Muertos” costumes (that were, also, homemade), Hubby thought it was only right to say, “You both look amazing! Hey, can we offer you guys any beer, instead of candy?”.

The man, out of the costumed couple, started to look as if he was just told he’d won the lottery. “Are you serious!?”, he exclaimed.

“Sure! Wait just one moment!”, said Hubby, leaving and returning with two chilled bottles of Yuengling. The costumed couple was very appreciative, needless to say.

After they left, Hubby and I returned to our living room, where we were watching “Insidious” for the first time. (Which was awesome, by the way!) About thirty to forty-five minutes later, we heard another knock on our front door. When we opened the entryway this time, we were greeted by a new costumed couple. The man’s costume wasn’t impressive…I think he went dressed as a cockroach. The woman’s costume, however, was AMAZING. She was a winged devil, with these bat-like wings that would fully extend, as if she was about to lift into the sky and take flight. “You guys look incredible!”, I said. (Really, only referring to the woman’s costume.) With that, I extended a few pieces of fun-sized Milky Way candies into each of their bags.

About ten seconds of silence went by, with the couple staring down at my chocolatey offering. “Um…Thanks.”, said the winged lady. “So…Is this the house where we can get some free beer?”

To me, this was hilarious. Graciously, Hubby retreated back to our kitchen; and reemerged with a single bottle of the chilled drink. “Ok…”, he said. “But, this is our last bottle. So, you two are going to have to share it.”

The couple didn’t mind, that they’d have to share. They thanked us and went on their merry way.

Hubby and I just looked at each other. “Well, hon…”, said Hubby. “I think our job, here, is done for this year.” With that, we pulled the homemade “Trick-or-Treaters Welcome!” sign; and turned off the front porch light, as a signal that we were closed for business.



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