headshot-1 copyHi, my name is Jessica, and this is my blog.

I wear a lot of hats. By day, I’m a full-time Marketing Coordinator and Social Media maven for a media and television production company. I’m also a humorist, an illustrator and fine artist, a beginning graphic designer (tackling every design element of this blog, completely on my own), writer/editor, and aspiring Creative Director. I stay pretty busy!

I was born in Chicago, IL and lived there until the age of twelve. In 1994, my family relocated from the American Midwest to the South, ultimately settling in Atlanta, GA. After six years of life in Georgia, I moved to sunny West Palm Beach, in pursuit of attending Florida Atlantic University. I graduated from FAU in 2005 with a BA in Communications, concentrating in Film and Video Studies. That’s also where I met and married the love of my life (who happens to be a member of that rare breed, known as “Native Floridian”).

I’m happy to tell you that this blog is not intended to describe my feelings for sand, snow, or any other sort of terrain. On the contrary, the name is derivative from my experience living in a tropical climate while my heart (and preference) clings to colder regions. If given the choice, you will always see me jump at the chance to wear a cozy sweater and a pair of Frye boots, over throwing on a bikini and sauntering down a sandy beach. Call me crazy, if you want. That’s just me.

Instead, this blog is dedicated to:

  • Transforming our sweet little home into a thing of beauty.
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Design
  • Film & Television

It’s a pleasure to meet you. And please feel free to contact me, with your comments and inquiries! I can be reached at sandsnowblog@gmail.com.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve Been meaning to come take a look at your blog. Today I finally got the chance. I really like it. Looks like I’ve got another favorite to add to the list. Thanks for all your kind words on our new blog! (Beyond The Grey)

    • Aww, thanks Amanda! I really mean everything I’ve been saying, too. (I’m not one of those people who leaves arbitrary comments, just for the attention or extra web-traffic.)

      I think you, me, and Mallory all seem to have pretty similar taste. :)

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I like your blog, It is very informative.

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    Continue the good work!

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