My Favorite Space

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If someone were to ask me the question, “What would you say is your favorite space, in your home?”, my immediate response would be… My living-room.

At least, it’s certainly where I spend the most of my time, when I’m at home. Here are a few reasons why…

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It offers some of the best light, throughout our house. In the morning, the light pours into the dining room; but, it increasingly strengthens into the living room, throughout the rest of the day. By dusk, the room has a nice glow.

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For another thing, it houses our delicious television, along with my entire library of movies and TV shows. I haven’t even begun to talk about my fetish for movies or TV; so, if you’re new to knowing me, you have no idea of what kind of cinephile I am.

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And, It maintains a cozy and safe place for Bella (pictured above) and Caspian (not pictured), when we’re away.

Being my favorite space, it’s the room that’s received the most of my attention, when I focus on home-decoration. (Plus, it’s…literally…the first room you see, when you enter. So, it has to stay pretty!)

Unfortunately, I fear that too many neutral tones will result in a room that’s a bit drab; so, my plan is to get some colorful window treatments, for my sparse windows. (Something along the line of this, to really pop against the grey walls.)

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Additionally, I’m on a mission to find a console table, to be placed along the wall, under my Jim Datz print. The carved hummingbird sculpture that I bought on our recent trip to Jamaica (pictured above) would look sooo pretty, on a console like this beauty from West Elm.

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What are some of your thoughts? Share them with me, in the comments!


Finding Micanopy

Last Fall, my mother-in-law introduced us to Micanopy – a tiny, sleepy, little town that you’d completely miss, if you blinked while driving along 441. My mother-in-law knows of all sorts of interesting places that are under the radar, from a time in her life when she owned a motorcycle; and conducted a lot of her own exploration. I completely trust her judgement, when she insists on showing us someplace new!

Just south of Gainesville, Micanopy is a hidden treasure. Here are some interesting facts, about this Southern delight that’s cocooned in a time-capsule from the 20th Century:

  • It’s romantic.  I fantasize about returning to Micanopy for a long weekend… Staying at the Herlong Mansion, leisurely strolling in and out of the antique shops that pepper the main street, and eating homemade comfort food in the cafes that populate downtown. (Doesn’t Herlong look amazing? It’s, also, pictured below; and I fantasize about lounging on its wrap-around porches with a great book and a mint julep.)
  • It’s a haven, for antiques.  Or, it’s “heaven” for antiques. Whichever way you want to look at it! There’s so much vintage eye-candy in Micanopy, I thought I might go into sensory-overdrive. Authentic, Ball mason-jars from the 1920’s…incredible, wooden furniture…Relics galore, that you wouldn’t believe would be collected in one location, outside of a museum. And, (almost) all of them, for sale. On my next return, I’m making it a point to put some cash aside, to invest in quality pieces.
  • It offers other great shopping.  If you’re not into antiques; but you are interested in purchasing decorative items for your home, there are other options. The Shop is a fantastic little space, offering a huge variety of decorative items and folk art. (Thanks to my visit to The Shop, I now know of Johanna Parker – who has become a staple in my home, when decorating for Halloween.)
  • Bring cash.  It’s the 21st Century, now; so, most of the businesses accept debit/credit cards. However, I emphasize that this is a (wonderful) little town that’s very dated; and it’s better to be safer than sorry, in a financial pinch. Bring cash, just to stay covered.
  • It’s, secretly, famous!  Ever hear of a little film called Doc Hollywood, with Michael J. Fox? That was filmed in Micanopy. (In fact they used Herlong Mansion, for the exterior shots of the mayor’s home, during production of the film!)

Enjoy the photos below – and, if you want to see my full gallery, click here.

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