Life Imitating… The Others


Halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down.  (It has been, ever since I was a small child.)  I just love the feeling of possibility and magic, during this time of year.

When I’m in the mood to watch a film to enhance the “spirit” of this season (and, yes, I just went there), one of my first choices is The Others.  Set in 1945, Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a devoutly religious mother of two ailing children who has moved with her family to a mansion on the English coast while awaiting her husband’s return from World War II, though he has been declared missing. Their children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), both suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease that renders them extremely vulnerable to sunlight, prompting Grace’s rule of having only one door open in the house at a time. When Anne begins claiming to see ghosts, Grace at first believes her newly arrived family of eccentric servants to be responsible, but chilling events and visions soon lead her to believe that something supernatural is indeed going on.

If you’ve never seen this movie before, I don’t want to spoil anything for you.  All I’ll say is that it makes me want to visit the English countryside; or, curl up in a comfy chair with a thrilling book and soft lighting.

That is, aside from putting me in the mood for a ghost-hunt…


  1. Medium Etched White and Gold Night Light Hurricane Lamp, Lamps Plus
  2. Churchill Leather Chair with Nailheads, Restoration Hardware
  3. Leather Monira Ankle Boots, Ralph Lauren Collection
  4. Silk Pleated Dress, Jil Sander Navy
  5. The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  6. Skyscape A-Line Wool Coat, Nanette Lepore

My Favorite Space

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If someone were to ask me the question, “What would you say is your favorite space, in your home?”, my immediate response would be… My living-room.

At least, it’s certainly where I spend the most of my time, when I’m at home. Here are a few reasons why…

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It offers some of the best light, throughout our house. In the morning, the light pours into the dining room; but, it increasingly strengthens into the living room, throughout the rest of the day. By dusk, the room has a nice glow.

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For another thing, it houses our delicious television, along with my entire library of movies and TV shows. I haven’t even begun to talk about my fetish for movies or TV; so, if you’re new to knowing me, you have no idea of what kind of cinephile I am.

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And, It maintains a cozy and safe place for Bella (pictured above) and Caspian (not pictured), when we’re away.

Being my favorite space, it’s the room that’s received the most of my attention, when I focus on home-decoration. (Plus, it’s…literally…the first room you see, when you enter. So, it has to stay pretty!)

Unfortunately, I fear that too many neutral tones will result in a room that’s a bit drab; so, my plan is to get some colorful window treatments, for my sparse windows. (Something along the line of this, to really pop against the grey walls.)

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Additionally, I’m on a mission to find a console table, to be placed along the wall, under my Jim Datz print. The carved hummingbird sculpture that I bought on our recent trip to Jamaica (pictured above) would look sooo pretty, on a console like this beauty from West Elm.

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What are some of your thoughts? Share them with me, in the comments!

Using Weapons of Mass Creation


After my last venture into the realm of DIY artwork, I became infected with an insatiable hunger for creating more.  It was a lot of fun…and, (good news/bad news) I have a LOT of empty wall space.  And, after visually ingesting so much of Rifle Paper over the internet, I was left with a particular thirst for implementing Rifle-style.

So, I did what I always do.  I got back on good ol’ Google and scoured for my next muse(s).  After seeing this, finding this and also reading this – my next DIY concept was born!


1. I selected my “weapons” of mass creation.  Lately, my preference has been gouache, such as the assortment of Turner Acryl Gouache paints that are pictured above.


2.  I printed out the design I’d selected, traced it, and transferred it to Arches watercolor paper.  After selecting this simple color scheme of black and gold, I got to work!


3. Mission completed. Now I can sit back, and enjoy the frills of filling another empty space with beautiful art!

What are some of your thoughts, on how this turned out?

Applying Passion: In Home & Life

Applying Passion Title

Yesterday, I spoke a bit about my spontaneous road trip to Anna Bond’s studio in Winter Park.  I admit that I’ve been a little obsessive about Rifle Paper, lately – which isn’t uncharacteristic of me, when I become passionate about something.  For me, being truly passionate involves falling head-over-heels in love with an ideal; and, in the case of Rifle’s aesthetic, this translates to loving its representation of whimsy, timelessness, class, and beauty.  Fundamentally, these are all things that I try to apply in my own life.

So – being the die-hard Rifle fanatic that I’ve become, of course I bought some goodies, upon my little pilgrimage into “The World of Ms. Bond.”  Some things I purchased out of necessity; others, out of sheer pleasure.  All-in-all, this is what I took home…and how I plan to use these items, as I apply my passion into my life and home:IMG_0894

Above: This iPhone case was bought, out of total necessity.  I ordered the iPhone 5s, on September 20th, as my sad little Android is dying.  (It’s become the technological equivalent, to being placed in hospice.)  While I’m still waiting for my new phone to arrive, I’m pleased to have this case on-hand.


Above: I’ve been thinking about keeping a diary, to measure my progress as a blogger. I’ve kept diaries, on-and-off, all of my life; and I find it useful, to reflect on a particular period of my personal history. This journal should serve me well, for this purpose.


Above: Ok. To be perfectly realistic, I didn’t need these notebooks in my life. But, I wanted them. Instead of using them for their intended purpose, I’m thinking of having them framed and hung as wall art. (They could, potentially, go in just about any room in our home.)

So, all-in-all, my trip was productive. More importantly, it makes me look forward, to my next adventure!

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Yesterday, I spoke a little bit about recreating the art of your dreams when you can’t afford to buy it outright. I thought I might expand a little more on this subject, today, to share what I’ve learned about actually purchasing artwork for your home. (For all you guys and gals who save those pennies, euros, etc!)

I’ve never really been to San Francisco. I’ve never even been to California! But, I want to visit – and, badly. (San Fran, along with the rest of sunny Cali, are on my “Must See, Before Dying” list.) Though I’ve never stepped any where remotely close to San Francisco, I knew this piece from Jim Datz had to be mine. You see, I’m fascinated by the culture on America’s West Coast. Its free-loving attitude, its history…its roots in art, music, and motion pictures. (I’ll talk about my passion for film and television, some other time.) Maybe I romanticize it; but, the area seems to call my name. So, all that being said, you might be able to understand how I see this piece as something more than “just an illustration about San Francisco.” It represents the values I associate with that entire area.


So, there you have it – I’ve explained how this piece is meaningful to me. I’ve learned that, once you can establish an item’s personal value, these are the key things to consider before taking the plunge and buying any item:

  • Its Quality. (I managed to snag my print, as a first edition. The value will only increase over time; and, because it was produced in fine quality, it’s less likely to fade or deteriorate.)
  • Its Scale. (I opted to have it framed in a large frame, to serve as a statement piece. If I didn’t have the space, I wouldn’t have bought it.)
  • Its Impact. (Was I happy with the colors in the print? VERY! Because I loved the impact it made, popping against the colors of my walls.)


I think Caspian is as happy with the way things turned out, as I am!