Finding Solace


I haven’t written anything in the last few days…Which feels substantial, since I started this blog with the intent to publish a post five days a week.  I’m realizing that, perhaps, I’m not cut out for blogging every single day, because I can feel myself feeling mentally drained and pressured.  (Maybe publishing just a few times a week would be more realistic with my already busy schedule…?)  I’m going to keep riding things out, to decide what’s comfortable for me.

Anyways…  In other news, I’m (very) happy to report that my passion for illustration has been completely rekindled; and that I am currently updating my portfolio with new work!  (For example, above is a tiny sketch I was working on this evening, for an illustration series that I’m developing.  I took some of my inspiration, from the Saipua image that’s below.)   In the upcoming weeks, I will be unveiling new paintings and I have plans to open an online shop!  So, stay tuned for more details.



The Art of Tim Burton

One of the first artists ever to influence me is the incomparable Tim Burton. He influenced the way that I process images and visual storytelling, so early in my life that I didn’t even realize what was happening, as I was learning. (Most people don’t realize that he was an animator for Disney, before he became a renowned director. He contributed as a storyboard and concept artist to Disney’s The Fox and the Hound and The Black Cauldron – which are two films that I loved, growing up.)

Though I’ve been less thrilled with most of TB’s film-projects, following (the stunning) Big Fish, I still consider myself a big fan.  And, when I heard that some of his closest friends and colleagues were collaborating to celebrate him, by publishing  a book of his (never-before published) artwork, my heart immediately started to pound!

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Hubby surprised me with the DELUXE EDITION, as a Christmas present.  (Not only that, we managed to snag it in time, to get it as a FIRST edition!)  Above, a bookplate that was signed by the man himself.

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Above: A special-edition lithograph, signed by the man himself.

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Above: An illustration drawn by Tim Burton, as a child.

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Above: Concept artwork of Catwoman and the Penguin, for Batman Returns. (I was obsessed with this version of Catwoman, growing up. In 1992, I was Catwoman for Halloween; and I still remember how awesome that costume was!)


Above: “People in line for Rocky Horror show.”

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